Dakhla-El Guerguerat : un rallye classique pour célébrer la marocanité historique du Sahara

Following the US’ historic recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over it’s Sahara, Moroccans all around the world are celebrating this diplomatic breakthrough.

We couldn’t help but mark this historic event, in our own way. For that reason, Our Fédération Marocaine des Véhicules Anciens (FMVA) organized a historic vehicle rally in which 82 cars were driven from the hidden pearl of Morocco, Dakhla, to El Guerguerat, a small village in the southwest of the magnificent Moroccan Sahara from January 28 to 31. The 800 km route went through some of the most magical places, a drive which the 200 participants will not forget in a while.

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Also, the first ever historic Grand Prix of Dakhla was held in the streets of this beautiful coastal town. Spectators of this highly successful GP came in large numbers to see the historic cars and cheer the participants. Both these events paid tribute to a great car collector, Omar Bekkari who passed away more than two weeks ago. Several of Omar Bekkari’s family members participated in this rally with stunning historic vehicles from his collection.

A huge sense of patriotism and a mix of driving pleasure gracefully combined with great camaraderie were the traits that shaped this 1st edition of the Dakhla Classic Rally.

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