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Morocco changes its approach [Analysis]

Nowadays, the world is changing, and the geopolitical data is also changing in a dazzling way. Morocco could become part of the world history that will soon be taught in schools worldwide. So what is really going on?

I think that we are witnessing the beginning of the decline of Europe as a powerful continent because some of its member countries which are not able to keep up with the evolution of international relations. Europe wants to continue to manage its relations according to ancestral practices which consist in dominating in order to exist. This is quite logical, because if we analyse Europe’s wealth, we will soon realise that it is closely dependent on the countries of the South for its energy and mining needs. What would Europe be worth without gas, oil, gold, iron, phosphates, uranium or the CFA franc?

Nothing. It is therefore a continent that lives off the wealth of others. And so, in order to preserve its supremacy, it has to weaken its southern neighbors so that it can import cheaper and sell more expensively… And the profit that it generates today allows it to make its population live in a high level of social comfort, and perhaps 10 times higher than that of its own southern suppliers. In order to preserve this comfort, or even cultivate and increase it, Europe has gone through several phases. First, there was the colonisation phase, which was decided in 1906 in Algesiras, where the European countries shared out Africa in order to plunder its wealth directly, even if it meant committing all kinds of human crimes against the populations that might rise up against their wishes. Then came the phase of decolonisation, which replaced colonisation by influence.

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In other words, the coloniser physically leaves the colonised country but leaves behind a whole armada of systems and a range of organisations that will ensure that the decolonised countries remain under the influence of their former colonisers. This began with cultural, then social, then economic, then political influence. For example, in the areas of Spanish influence, Spanish culture was taught in schools and high schools, and Spanish companies benefited from large public contracts in this area. In the French zone, it is exactly the same scenario that was implemented…

These former colonisers do not stop there, they also take care not to let their former colonies become powerful. They always pay attention to the development indexes of each country in the South. Whoever gains points in development must absolutely pay: any structuring project must be carried out by European companies. Moreover, no organisation or union between countries of the South can succeed, as this would create a balance of power between the North and the South. This would destabilise the influence of the European countries.

Europe has even tried to set fire to North Africa in order to rebuild it with its own industry… Today, we are witnessing the awakening of China, which has done well to conquer the world. The man who predicted that when China awakens, the world will tremble was not at all wrong. For we are now witnessing a Chinese economic tide in all nations of the world. And this does not please Europe or the USA. But they can’t do anything about it. China has become too powerful on all levels, to the point where even western countries are dependent on it… Uncle Sam, known to like to puff up his chest to always be considered as the first world power, had to react. It had to regain its global economic supremacy… To do this, the American strategic studies offices had their work cut out for them… and it would seem that the Americans are working on a new model for international development: regional alliances.

In other words, geography, language, culture, ethnicity or religion are no longer factors in alliances. The only factors retained are stability, peace, openness and influence. Israel, the main ally of the United States, meets these conditions perfectly in the Middle East since it maintains official and unofficial relations with a good number of states in the region. Morocco on the North African side also seems to have passed the test. The Americans seem to be planning to rely on these two countries to generate new economic and social zones of influence that will allow it to expand its free trade economic zones. Morocco is and will most certainly be the point of contention between Europe and the United States on the new distribution of economic zones of influence.

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Africans, on the other hand, are beginning to emancipate themselves. They no longer want to build new relations on the basis of unbalanced exchanges… They have had enough of the European experience… This is why the Americans are now proposing the famous deal: Win-Win. Because if they don’t do it, the Chinese will. The Chinese motto being clear and simple: one you have is better than two you will have… And what about Europe in all this? Well, Europe is witnessing a reorientation of the economic interests of the southern European countries towards the United States-Israel zone, with the aim of dethroning China and its allies, namely Russia, Iran and Qatar.

France, Spain and Germany are completely disoriented, even destabilized, and do not know where to jump… England also seems to have understood the stakes and that is why it has asked for a divorce with Europe. And this is quite true, because it has become almost impossible and unthinkable in 2021 to continue to manage biased relations with African nations while chanting values such as tolerance, peace and democracy… It is just as inconceivable to continue to reject the populations of the South under the guise of illegal immigration while at the same time continuing to destroy their local economies. It is indirectly a gas chambering of Africa…

This geopolytical analysis is from an anonymous reader who shared it in different social networks. Given its relevance, we thought it would be useful to publish it for our readers.

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